About Me

A gray cat slinks past a wooden house.
There’s something a little intimidating attempting to describe.

Photographer / Videographer

Jason Salter

For me, life is art, and art is not a product but a process. The passion to create is part of my DNA. In as much as one does not choose to breathe, I do not choose to create. I just do.

As a child growing up in San Fernando Valley, California I had limited financial resources, but an abundance of creative energy. Self-expression in the form of drawing, painting and making music shaped my identity and gave me something to call my own.

Without the benefit of traditional art school, I went to the streets to learn my craft. The streets, where a graffiti laced alley was where I went to see “original” works. The streets, where DJ’s traded “mix tapes,” and where dance battles on cardboard boxes were where you answered the question “So you think you can dance?”

When adult life came calling, I answered. I began a career in the commercial and corporate arena where I learned “the art of the sale.” I believe it is my passion to create that has allowed me to compete and excel in the marketplace.

As I have grown and changed, so has my art. Photography is a way for me to show the world what I feel and see. I am a street photographer. I see things that I think most people never notice.

The purpose of my still photography is not just to capture a moment, but to capture a mood.

When a still can tell a story,
that is my moment
that is my art.